What we do

In a crowded world we want to make your story stand out.


We shoot and publish photos for all platforms with a strong track record on building Instagram followers.

Film & Video

We design, script and shoot both long and short format films for social media, TV and cinema.


We design campaigns, train management and staff, consult in strategy for all forms of communication both internal and external customer/audience focused.

Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil was commisioned by the venture capital firm Pall Mall Partners who had invested in the Jim Russell race school based in Sonoma California.

The feature length film was shot over five days with a small documentary crew.

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A selection of our Photography

reality is stranger than fiction

A global campaign highlighting the applications of chip technology developed for mobile phones.

A wide variety of films were commissioned for this campaign. Sprig Productions was pivotal in the development and scripting of the project and was involved in filming in Amsterdam, Madrid, New York, India and Scotland.

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A behind the scenes film of a Triumph cat walk show.

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The British Army

A series of photos and short films shot on exercise in Canada for the King's Royal Hussars recruitment and marketing campaign.

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A series of commercials and viral adverts for the launch of the Wavi Xtion.

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A series of web videos shot and posted from the Tibetan Plateau for Khunu, who make garments form Yak wool. The aim was to show the journey of the raw material from source to completion of garment.

The film to the right premiered at the Kendal Mountain Festival and follows a day in the life of a yak herder. www.khunu.com

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British Exploring Society

Advised and implemented the registered charity British Exploring on a media strategy for their expeditions. Taught media skills on expeditions to the Himalayas and the Empty Quarter. The film to the right entitled 'Footprints in Time' won best short documentary at the Mountain Film Festival in Canada.

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United Nations TV

Designed, produced the pilot episode of Dosja e Krimit in Kosovo for United Nations TV.

The series went on to play for six years. Modelled on UK Crimewatch the program was instrumental in supporting the newly founded Kosovo Police Service.

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