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SPRIG productions is a design/build multi-media production company.

We specialise in creating campaigns and films, which are raw, surprising, and have impact. In essence, we tell your story in a way, which takes the audience on an unexpected journey leaving them enriched and wanting more,

We design and build campaigns of all scales. From instagram posts to feature length films, to viral commercials and photography shoots. Our production methods are tailored to suit your needs and most importantly reach your target audience.

We have worked in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, India and South East Asia. One of our key strengths is the ability to shoot in extreme environments for protracted periods of time such as the Empty Quarter of Oman, the Indian Himalaya and the prairies of Canada.

We also teach and consult.

The Company is divided into two divisions. SPRIG Productions focuses on corporate campaigns, while Studio SPRIG focuses on long term projects including feature films, TV series and long format documentaries.

SPRIG Productions

SPRIG Productions was established in 2000.

We have worked with the British Army, Metropolitan Police, ASUS, Mediatek, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Pearson Education, Pall Mall Partners, Jim Russel and United Nations TV to mention but a few.

Studio SPRIG

Studio SPRIG develops longer term projects including feature films, TV series and documentaries.

Our films have most notably played at the Sundance and Venice Film Festivals, been nominated for a British Independent Film Award, and have won numerous awards including an Indie Spirit, and been nominated for best UK feature film at the Raindance Film Festival.

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